The year 2013 created a history when GIF-KING a fun web-site was launched to make people laugh by its funny visuals and clips armed with good stories. Today's first paced life has created a lot of stress in everybody's mind and for relaxing our mind we all need to lighten up our moods. What can be the best way than logging into GIF-KING web-sites where right from political leaders to various pets at home are uploaded in a funny or comic manner to make everybody laugh at their hilarious activities.

A cat coming out of sealed box with funny activities definitely makes everybody smile. GIF-KING‘s motto is to spread a smile on everybody’s face whoever is visiting it. Gob smacked donkeys clip can make you drop to the ground, with nonstop laugh of yours. We take away your boredom and dull mood and replace it with laughter which is necessary. GIF-KING firmly believes in the saying that “A GOOD LAUGH IS SUNSHINE IN A HOUSE”. We suggest that a visitor who visits our site can register him/her self and can avail much functionality for sheer fun and amusement. Have you ever thought of an idea that you yourself can create your personal gif animation by using your own funny pictures? You can also tag these pictures which will be shared by your loved ones. Check out the laughing moments of your loved ones when they watch your hilarious gifs. Such things can create beautiful memories. Add up all of your pictures to your own page and sequence them as most funny, comic timings etc .Watch them whenever you would like to watch. Want to make a comment about any of the pictures, no worries you can do that which will inspire other fun loving people to follow suit. Anybody can log on to us from any part of the world to register and share his/her pictures. Having fun is an advantage at GIF-KING as it opens many doors of laughter and sheer joy for you and your close ones. Our pictures not only provide laughter but also some comic timing and stories which are circulated through our web-site.

Some of the site features are-

  • Through your user id you can upload unlimited gif images.
  • Use of two languages-Japanese and English.
  • Various categories of images.

Some fine functionalities are-

  • A user can create his own gif images.
  • Sharing it with social media like -. Google+, Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter etc.
  • Comments - Where you can get exclusive comments.

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